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Free Admission

Free Admission
April 9, 2016
8 AM - Until

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When: March 21, 2015

Entry Deadline: Fri. March 3th

For more information, contact:

Teresa Bush 850-263-4744

Darlene Madden 850-263-3201



50/50 Drawing & Door Prizes

Registration: April 11, 8-11am

Cost: $15.00 per vehicle


Horseshoe Tournament

Starts at 10:00am with 60/40 Split

Cost: $20.00 per team


Other Events

Dunking Booth, Firetruck Exhibit,

Cakewalk, and Face Painting

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Wood Art, Arts & Crafts,

Hand Painted Items,

Children's Clothes, Candles,



The Two-Toe Tom festival will be held on April 9, 2016, and it will be the best one yet. The car show is being judged by Terry Allen, with the top 10 winners getting a trophy.

Two-Toe Tom Legend


Deep in the swamps along the border between Alabama and Florida can be heard stories of a water monster of a different sort.  It is said that he is more than 20 feet long, has red eyes, and is demon possessed.  Two-Toe Tom is the focus of numerous legends and tall tales.  His name originates from the claim that he lost all but two toes on one foot to a bear-trap.  Due to his ferocity and frequent attacks, many have hunted for Tom.  But Two-Toe Tome has never been captured. Some believe Tom still lurks in Sand Hammock Lake near Esto Florida, even to this day.



Shane Owens

Shane Owens musical journey began in Samson, AL, at the tender age of five. That year his parents gave him a set of drums. By the time he was six, he was singing in the church choir. The youngest member of the choir garnered attention with his powerful voice, especially when he sang his favorites hymns, like “I’ll Fly Away”. Owens was still quite young when his father, who was also a singer, and his mother separated. After the separation, Owens and his twin sister, lived with their mother who filled their home with the sounds of Nashville. Saturday nights around the Owens’ home centered on the broadcasts of the Grand Ole Opry. Country was a way of life and country music was central to it all. Artists such as Don Williams, Keith Whitley and Ricky Skaggs could often be heard in their house, but it was George Jones, Don Williams and George Strait who would later become most influential in Owens’ style.

Josh Cobb

Josh Cobb is the NACMAI ( North American Country Music Association International ) Vocalist of the year for 2013, Rising Star Entertainer of the Year. He is the ACGMA (Alabama Country Gospel Music Association ) Vocalist and Entertainer of the year 2013. He performs regularly at CrossCreek Junction on Saturday nights. He sings regularly at Church at Dothan Country Fellowship.

Mt Zion Singers

Mt Zion Church Gospel singers, Brandi Stewart and Donna Boroughs, have over 20 years experience singing gospel. Come out and enjoy the show.

Johnny G. & Southern Love Rhythm & Blues Band

This Rhythm and blues band has originated from Alabama, Georgia and Florida with over 30 years of experience. This band will get your boogie on. Come on out and hear some good BLUES!

Lance Grantham

Born December 26, 1995, the foundation for my musical talents began at an early age. I received my first guitar at age 4. Mother had a fit when Dad spent $300.00 for it, but he said "If he's gonna learn it right, it's gotta sound right to start with ". Dad trained me to play by ear to classics by artist such as Johnny Cash, Willie, Waylon and Hank Jr.. My love to play and sing has continued thru my school years. In fourth grade, I sometimes took my guitar and played at school. My tenth grade year, I joined the Enterprise FFA String Band as Male Vocalist and played rhythm guitar. We performed in several competitions throughout the year, including state comps in Montgomery, Al and Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana, with 50,00 students in attendance.

Jimmy Harris

The 2014 Alabama Music Association Traditional Country Male Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year, born in Jackson, TN, now lives in Ozark, AL. Since the age of 14, Jimmy has played with such greats as Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Charlie Rich, Willie Nelson, Jack Green, Carl Perkins, and many more. He has recorded at Sun Records in Memphis as well as Baton Rogue, LA. Currently performing all around the Southeast. He sings Traditional Country, Old time Rock and Roll, Music of the 50's, 60's, and 70's, Blues, and Gospels.

 Directions & Contact Information

Directions from Dothan AL: Take Hwy 52 West to Slocomb and turn onto County Road 9 to Esto at the state line.
Directions from Marianna FL: Take Hwy 90 to Bonifay Florida and turn north onto Hwy 79 North towards Esto.
Contact Information: For questions or additional information, please call either Darlene Madden at (850) 263-3201 or the Town of Esto at (850) 263-6521.  You may also contact us via the "Contact Us" button located at the top of this page.
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